Monday, June 4, 2012

Golf Pictures Spark Dreams and Memories

Are you looking for that perfect gift for a major league golf fan? Consider a golf gift that sparks dreams and memories – golf pictures. A gift of golf art is more than just a framed piece to hang on the wall. When you choose golf pictures, you’re keying into the heart and soul of the golf lover. From autographed golfer photos to golf cartoons, there are golf pics to suit every taste. Not sure about the perfect piece of golf art? Consider these ideas.
Legends of Golf
Autographed photos of famous golfers are classic bits of golf memorabilia, and when those golf pics commemorate famous moments in the history of golf, they carry even more meaning. Every golfer has seen the classic Ben Hogan golf swing photos, originally taken to illustrate the perfect golf swing from grip to follow through. Imagine how pleased your golf fan would be with a set of all four photos, professionally matted and framed. For the golf trivia buff, consider one of the most enduring legends of golf, Robert “Bobby” Jones, the most successful amateur golfer to ever grace the links. Jones retired at the age of 28 in 1930 and is the only person to win a Grand Slam – the U.S. and U.K. open and amateur tournaments – in a single year. He co-founded the Masters Tournament and helped design the Augusta National Golf Club, making him a legend among legends.
Golf Course Autographs
No golfer can hear the words “Pebble Beach” or “Augusta” without picturing his or her favorite holes. Golf course art – photographs or paintings of golf courses – sparks dreams of playing courses and holes they’ve watched in the U.S. Open and the Masters Tournament. When it comes to classic golf course art, Augusta paintings by Linda Hartough and Marci Rule allow you to step into the scene and feel as if you could step up to the tee. Their deft touch and clear vision do more to reveal the soul of a golf course than a photographic image could possibly do.
Golf Cartoons
For those golfers who can see the humorous side of the game, golf cartoons can inspire giggles or guffaws. No one does that in quite the same way as Ben Lightfoot, who drops his quirky, brightly drawn cartoon characters into photographs of the world’s most famous and beautiful golf holes. Each signed and dated print depicts hilarious moments that will make any golfer laugh out loud in recognition.
Golf pictures make great gifts for Fathers’ Day, birthdays and other special occasions. Framed and signed golf art can be the perfect finishing touch for your family room, den or any man cave.

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