Friday, July 13, 2012

Four Favorite Golf Pictures to Hang in Your Game Room

Decorating your game room is a labor of love, and you should choose game room décor that pays homage to your favorite sports and special moments in sports. The golf lover who wants to hang golf pictures in his game room, there are hundreds of golf art options available, golfer photos, golf course art and golf memorabilia. These four famous golf pictures rank high on the list of all-time favorite golf pics.
Linda Hartough Augusta #12 – Golden Bell
When it comes to golf art, Augusta National Golf Club may be the most painted and photographed golf course of all time. Augusta #12 – Golden Bell, painted by famed golf course artist Linda Hartough, brings the famous golf hole to life with deft brushstrokes. In 2002, Hartough captured the slanting sun of mid-afternoon in a long-distance view that emphasizes the approach. In 2008, Hartough took a different approach to the subject and painted it with the Ben Hogan Bridge spanning Raes Creek in the foreground and azaleas forming the backdrop behind the hole.
Ben Hogan Golf Swing
If you admire the legends of golf, then you’ll love the Ben Hogan golf swing series of photos. The Hogan golf pictures were the basis for the Ravielli illustrations in Hogan’s book “Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf.” You can purchase the series as a set, or choose from a number of other famous Hogan golfer photos that capture him in the midst of his famed, distinctive golf swing.
Marci Rule Augusta #12 – Golden Bell
Painter Marci Rule takes the same viewpoint of Augusta #12 Golden Bell as Hartough’s 2008 angle, but produces a painting with a vastly different mood. The rich colors and slanting shadows emphasize the subtle difficulties of playing the hole that is notorious for tripping up even the best golfers at the Masters. Rule’s Golden Bell oil is characteristic of her highly saturated style that somehow manages to be both photo-realistic and fantastical at the same time.
The Lost Bet
A favorite with golf memorabilia collectors, the Lost Bet depicts a moment of anecdotal golf history between legends of golf, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Taken at The Houston Champions International Tournament on November 17, 1966, the photo shows the moment of reckoning between the two legends as Palmer pays up to Nicklaus after losing a bet on the outcome of one hole. It was taken by photographer William f. Thompson, whose family held the picture in a private collection until after both golfers retired. It was featured in the November 2006 issue of Golf Digest.
Whether you’re looking for golf pictures to hang in your game room or in the corporate dining room at the golf club, any of these famous pieces of golf art will make a wonderful choice. You can find these and many other pieces of golf art and golf memorabilia online at dealers who specialize in fine golf memorabilia.

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