Thursday, October 25, 2012

Collecting Golf Pictures for Fun and Profit

Golf art is more collectible than most people realize. Unlike team sports, where superstar athletes regularly ink deals that include them signing memorabilia items, such as jerseys and game balls, golf art and golf pictures tend to be far less a big business and far more a matter of individual tastes. You won’t often see a green Master’s jacket go up for bid at a golf collectibles auction, for example, but it’s not unusual for Super Bowl championship rings to show up at pawn shops around the United States. For a lot of reasons – including the relative scarcity of golf autographs and golf collectibles, collecting golf pictures can be both more challenging and more profitable than collection other types of sports memorabilia.
Legends of Golf Collectibles
As with any other sport, the most collectible golf pictures are those that feature one or more of the many legends of golf. Autographed photos of Arnold Palmer, Robert “Bobby” Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods are surefire collectible items, and many of them can be expected to increase in value. Every once in a while, previously unknown golf pictures crop up and make an unexpectedly big splash in the sports collectibles world. Not many years ago, for example, a sports photographer released a previously unpublished photograph of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer settling up after a bet on one of the holes they played. “The Lost Bet” has become one of the most popular golf pictures of all time, and hangs in some of the best known golf club dining rooms.
Golf Course Art
Of course, not all the legends of golf are human. Anyone who has ever faced Augusta #12, Golden Bell, on a windy day, can tell you in no uncertain detail exactly why that particular hole is one that golfers dread facing. Photographs of Augusta #12 don’t do it justice, but a few golf painters have managed to capture that hole in all its glory and treachery. It’s not the only hole to be captured by painters Linda Hartough and Marci Rule, who have painted some of the most beautiful golf course art available on the market. In most cases, Hartough’s and Rule’s pieces are available as prints in limited, signed editions. Some are numbered in a series, while others are more widely available to collectors of golf memorabilia.
Whether you’re drawn to a stunning golf landscape or prefer the focus and concentration on the face of one of golf’s greats, golf pictures are a great way to enhance your home d├ęcor while accumulating a golf arts collection that could become quite valuable in the future.

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