Monday, January 27, 2014

Photos of Golf Courses Make Great Décor

Golf course photos are great choice living room decor or to hang on the wall in nearly any room. No matter what the mood is there's bound to be a picture of a golf course that suits It perfectly. From longshots of some of the most famous golf greens in the world to windswept waves cliffs of Scotland, golf photographers have captured some of the most beautiful scenery you'll find anywhere. Whether you're looking for living room decor, a golf course picture for the wall of your office, décor for your sports room or game room decor you can't go wrong with photos of golf courses.

Photos of Golf Courses for Your Home
A picture of a golf course is a great choice to hang in a game room, a man cave or the family room, but depending on your choice it can also make an excellent design accent on the living room wall. Photographers love to capture golf courses in many different weather and light conditions – they’re so picturesque that it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo of them, after all. And while it’s easy to think of golf courses as being green, the truth is that you’ll find photos of golf courses where the green is far from the dominant color. This is especially true of photographs of the Masters course at Augusta, where each hole is landscaped with one particular predominant plant. If you want to accent sunny, bright yellows in your room décor, for example, you might choose a photo of Augusta #12, the Golden Bell, taken when the forsythia bushes are in full bloom against the lush green background.

Photos of Golf Courses for Your Office
Photos of famous golf courses help set a professional tone in an office or boardroom setting. It’s a rare executive who doesn’t enjoy a few rounds of golf, and many of them will recognize the links and greens depicted in some of the best known golf photos. A picture of a golf course can give you a common ground from which to start a conversation or simply be an accent that blends perfectly with your corporate surroundings. At the very least, pictures of a golf course are unlikely to offend anyone, nor challenge their thinking. On the contrary, it’s likely to bring a smile to the face of any avid golf enthusiast and help set the mood for a comfortable, productive conversation.

What’s better than a single picture of a golf course? Consider an attractively framed collection of photos of golf courses, either from a single golf course or with a particular theme to really make a statement with your golf room décor. Many golf clubs commission photographers to take pictures of each hole from many angles to use on their websites and in brochures. Those professionally produced photos are often available matted and framed from dealers who sell golf memorabilia either singly or in groups.

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