Thursday, August 9, 2012

Golf Pictures and Memorabilia for Your Home Decorating

If you’re looking for a unique slant on home decorating or ideas for man room décor, look no further than some of the most impressive golf pictures available. Golf, easily the most popular leisure sport in the world, provides so many different types of golf memorabilia and golf art that it’s not hard to find exactly the accent you’re looking for to fill in that empty spot above the bar or the place of honor in your home golf room. Golf course art is appropriate décor for decorating your office, the executive dining room at the club or the walls of your restaurant. Choosing golf pictures and golf memorabilia is easy if you keep a few things in mind.
Choose Golf Course Art for Formal Settings
Golfers aren’t the only celebrities in the sport. Golf courses are often stars in their own right. Many views and scenes of golf courses are famous the world over, and many pro golfers can tell stories about the time they faced Augusta #12 or the 5th hole at Pebble Beach. Unlike baseball diamonds and football fields that conform to rigid standards, golf courses are each designed by golf course architects and designers who take into account the natural features of the land. They put as much thought into the landscape and surroundings as they do to the placement of the holes and the greens. Thus, golf courses are among the most beautiful manufactured landscapes in the world.
Know Your Artists
A few artists have made it their life’s work to specialize in painting the famous golf courses of the world. Their golf course paintings are far more than a mere picture of a golf course. They are gorgeous works of art that manage to convey the beauty and the challenge inherent in each of the golf course pictures they choose to paint. Among the most famous golf course artists are Linda Hartough and Marci Rule, whose golf course art hangs in internationally known museums and collections held by such august organizations as the Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters Tournament.
If you’re a fan of humor, there are a few artists who have specialized in golf cartoons that highlight the frustrations and funny moments that any golfer will recognize. Artist Ben Lightfoot is among the best known of these artists, and his Canyon series of golf cartoons are an ideal accent for your golf room or for a sports-themed bar.
Knowing a little bit about golf art and the artists who create it is one of the best ways to ensure that you find the best golf pictures to decorate your home and office. The more you know, the easier it is to find authentic golf course art and golf pics to accent your bar, man room or office.

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