Thursday, August 23, 2012

Golf Pictures Are More than Just a Picture of a Golf Course

Golf course art is rapidly assuming its own place among the ranks of golf collectibles. There have always been people who appreciate the beauty and complexity of a golf course layout, but it’s only recently that golf pictures by well-known photographers and golf artists can command top prices in the art world. Once, paintings of golf course holes were confined to gracing the walls of a golf club, or perhaps display in the home of a professional golfer who wanted to commemorate a particular win or pay homage to a devilishly difficult challenge on a golf course.
That’s true no more. For some years now, the Augusta National Golf Club, home of the annual Masters’ Tournament, has commissioned artists to paint each of the holes on the course. The original paintings hang in the club, and are sometimes lent out to museums, particularly during Masters Week. The artists frequently release limited series of prints to be sold on the auction and golf art collectibles market. There are a number of artists whose work routinely sells well, and a number of golf scenes that are guaranteed to attract buyers, even when painted or photographed by unfamiliar names.
Linda Hartough
In 1984, Linda Hartough was commissioned to produce a painting of Augusta #13, and then of Augusta #16 and #18. She has since gone on to paint other holes on the course, including Augusta #12, Golden Bell. Hartough is the only artist commissioned to produce paintings for both the U.S. Open and the British Open. The official U.S. Open series includes 20 paintings, and the British Open series includes all eight courses in the rotation. Nearly all of them are available to collectors as limited edition prints.
Marci Rule
Marci Rule is known for her sports art, but it is her golf landscapes that have brought her the most fame. Rule began her love affair with golf course art when she lived in Pinehurst, NC. In the 16 years since, she has painted the best-known golf holes throughout the country, including all three holes of the Amen Corner at Augusta National, including Augusta #12, which she has painted at least twice in different light and different times of year. Her new golf pictures are always eagerly awaited by fans of her work, who often place orders for prints before the actual release.
Golf course art graces the walls of many offices and public buildings, but more and more, these classic golf pictures are finding their way into private homes and private collections. If you’re a fan of golf pictures, this is the time to start or add to your collection of signed golf course paintings.

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