Monday, September 24, 2012

Golf Pictures for Your Sports Bar

Choosing the décor for your sports bar can be an adventure. While many people think of the major league sports when they’re looking for game room décor in a sports bar, you can elevate the surroundings when you choose to decorate with golf pictures. You can pick from a wide variety of golf art to suit just about any mood you want to establish, from framed golf memorabilia to golfer autographs to golf course art. If you’re trying to decide what kinds of golf pictures to choose for your establishment, consider these ideas.
Golf Course Art
A picture of a golf course makes a nice centerpiece for a golf art display. Even in this little niche of the golf memorabilia category, you’ll find a wide variety of artwork. Some of the most popular golf pictures are paintings by two masters of golf course art, Marci Rule and Linda Hartough. Both women have impressive resumes in the world of golf art, and have often painted different views of the same golf scenes. A pair of paintings of Augusta #12, Golden Bell, would make a beautiful display in the right golf room.
Aside from paintings, there are also many golf course photographs available, including photos of some of the most famous greens and courses in the world. If you prefer photos that feature the legends of golf, you could easily put together a collection of some of the most famous golfers of all time standing on the bridge looking back at the Old Course at St. Andrews as they say their goodbyes to the course.
Golf Swing Photos
Feature some of the most famous golfers in golf history showing off their form for the sports photographers. While most golfers have heard of the Ben Hogan golf swing photos, Hogan isn’t the only golfer whose form has been immortalized on film. You’ll also find autographed photographs and unsigned golf pictures from the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Robert “Bobby” Jones, names familiar to anyone with even a passing familiarity with the world of golf.
Golf Cartoons
Add a note of levity to a game room with framed and matted golf cartoons depicting the hilarious misadventures of Ben Lightfoot’s fearsome foursomes. Lightfoot’s style combines stunning golf scenes at some of the world’s most famous golf holes and deftly drawn cartoons of his own can’t-shoot-straight gangs in situations that will be familiar to anyone who’s ever swung a golf club.
Golf pictures are a great accent in your sports bar. If you’re looking for a unique slant on the common sports bar, take a look at the many different types of golf art available.

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