Monday, September 10, 2012

Five Celebrity Golfers for Your Golf Pictures Collection

Are you looking for a collection of golf pictures to hang on the walls of your family room or sports bar? Golf autographs are hot collectibles, and they make great decorative accents for a man cave or golf room in your home. Choosing a selection of golf celebrities to hang on your walls can be fun – but choosing among the many legends of golf can be tough. Here are some suggestions to consider from some of the top golf celebrities of all time.
Arnold Palmer
What collection of golf pictures would be complete without an autographed photo of Arnold Palmer, generally considered to be among the greatest golfers of all time? Pictures of Palmer are pretty easy to come by, as are Arnold Palmer golf autographs, so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to include a signed Arnold Palmer photo in your collection.
Robert “Bobby” Jones
Bobby Jones may be one of the winningest golfers of all time despite the fact that he never turned pro. In 7 short years, he brought home four U.S. Opens and three Open championships. He was a five-time U.S. Amateur champion and won the British Amateur championship once – all before he turned 30. His influence on golf goes far deeper, however. He co-designed the golf course at Augusta National and co-founded the Masters championship, leaving an enduring mark on golf history.
Ben Hogan
In 1953, Ben Hogan put together a string of wins that has yet to be topped by anyone, winning five of the six championships he entered that year. Hogan is also widely credited with having the perfect golf swing, which was memorialized in a series of photos for an instructional book. The Ben Hogan golf swing photos are among the most wanted in any collection of golf pictures.
Jack Nicklaus
With 73 career wins, including 18 major championships and six victories at the Masters, Jack Nicklaus is indisputably the greatest golfer of all time. Like Palmer, Nicklaus has had his photo taken thousands of times, so there are plenty of Jack Nicklaus golfer photos to choose from for your golf art collection.
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods is a once-in-a-generation golfing great and one of the best known celebrity golfers of all time. Until recently, Woods was on the fast track to top Nicklaus’ record – and he may do it yet. Despite the scandal that erupted around him, Woods is still one of the most sought-after golf autographs of all time.
In addition to these top golfers, you can also choose from many other types of golf art, including golf course art, golf scenes prints, golf cartoons and golf memorabilia. Take the time to consider exactly the kind of golf art and golf pictures you want on your walls when decorating your game room or golf room, and always buy from a dealer who can authenticate your purchases.

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